Positivity Hypno

Pony/Furry Transformation and Utility Hypnosis

Positivity Hypno is a pony and furry hypnosis community themed around transformation and imposition hypnosis.


We aim to provide a balance between safety and effectiveness, believing that you should be able to get any effect you desire from hypnosis while minimising side-effects.


Most of our community is in our Discord server, which can be found at the top of the page.


On our YouTube channel is an archive of past live sessions, which happen in the Discord, as well as professionally edited files.


According to our users’ votes after live sessions, our live sessions have roughly an 85-90% partial or full success rate amongst users.


We also have sections for petplay and tulpa information, as well as other mind-fuck activity.


Where should I start?


Feeling apprehensive about hypnosis? Try the anti anxiety file first. It’s a recording of a live session, so it’s not as professionally edited, but it’s still an effective hypnosis file, and gives you an idea of what our live sessions are like.


Feeling more confident? Try one of our transformation files! Pick the one that most accurately reflects what you want to be transformed into, and follow the instructions within the file. It’ll transform you into whatever you’re picturing in your head as you listen, so have an idea of what you want to be before going in.



Released Full Files


Transformation Wave One - Generic, Pony, Furry and Pokémon

YouTube versions of above


Tulpa Creation File - Used to help create a tulpa

YouTube version of above





Q: Is hypnosis real?/What is hypnosis?
A: Hypnosis is real, but not in the way most people think. Hypnosis works based on suggestion, and allowing you to change your own mind. I am not changing your mind, your mind is changing itself in accordance to my guidance, which is why it's difficult to embed suggestions if you don't want them and believe that it'll work.

Q: How do I get started with hypnosis?
A: Come along to one of our live sessions, which will be announced in #live-announcements on the Discord
, or visit our YouTube channel to listen to any of our archived recordings, which are edited-down versions of the live sessions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1MnPIuydIsX8m8LDxThmg

Q: Why are there petplay and tulpa channels on this server? Didn't you ban pet hypnosis?
A: Despite the server's name, this isn't just a server for hypnosis, though that is the reason it was made. This server is meant to be a relaxed community for people, myself included, to feel at home. The hypnosis community overlaps a lot with the Dom/sub and tulpa communities for various reasons, and as such it makes sense to have a place on this server for it.


Q: What does the "hypnotist" role mean?
A: It means the person has been verified, through evidence of a past session or through testimony of two members, to be an effective hypnotist. This does not mean they're 100% trustworthy, just that they've proven themselves. Please exercise basic common sense.

Q: What's EKP?
A: Emotional Kernel Panic, or "EKP", is a negative result of mixing personality hypnosis files with contradictory effects. It's an unpleasant feeling, which can range from mild discomfort to a feeling of existential dread. For that reason, it is highly recommended not to use multiple personality hypnosis files at the same time, and if you do to install some sort of safety to ensure they don't both get triggered at once. No hypnosis we do on this server has a risk of causing EKP.


Q: What's imposition?
A: Imposition is any kind of intentional, controllable hallucination. In hypnosis terms, it's the ability to perceive transformation effects or online roleplay actions as if they were real. In tulpa terms, it's the ability to physically interact with your tulpa.


Q: Any tips for trancing easier?
A: Relax and remember you don't need to rush anything. You have forever to keep trying to get the effects you desire. If you're old enough to drink, have a couple of beers (or equivalent amount of alcohol), enough to get slightly tipsy but not drunk. This'll help your mind be at ease, and open you up to a calmer trance. Try trancing near the evening, but not right before bed in case you fall asleep, and after all your daytime responsibilities are over - After dinner is usually a good time.